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Dr. Supervised HCG Diet For Women

High Protein Low Carbohydrate Program With Prescription Appetite Suppressant, Supplements & Behavior Modification If you’re like most people, you’ve tried every weight loss plan ever created and have ended up disappointed time and time again. Let’s face it, being overweight or obese is a medical condition that requires a medically supervised approach, prescription medications, behavior modification and regular check-ins to keep you on track. Most people struggle with constant, intense cravings for unhealthy, high calorie foods. Your FDA approved prescription appetite suppressant has a proven track record of success. It will literally turn your appetite off. In fact, most people report having little to no interest in food at all. We encourage you to treat this as the genuine opportunity that it is and to do your very best. Once those first 20 pounds are gone, your own sense of success and accomplishment will become your motivation. Our goal is to surround you with support, information, motivation and resources and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Dr. Supervised HCG Diet For Men

HCG is a hormone that exists naturally in humans. Normally, HCG – or human chorionic gonadotropin – is produced in the bodies of pregnant women, and serves to refocus their body around retaining muscle mass and other lean tissues instead of fat. Nowadays the hormone is isolated and collected for use in hormonal treatments and therapies such as the HCG weight loss plan. HCG’s role in humans was discovered and thoroughly researched by a famous British physician by the name of Dr. Simeon. He found that HCG, in combination with a very low calorie diet, plays an important role in instructing the body to burn fat instead of muscle mass to supplement energy levels. The HCG weight loss plan is an excellent opportunity for both men and women who are seeking to control their weight and embrace a new, healthier lifestyle. Like other dieting and weight loss plans, a strict diet in combination with regular exercise are critical to long term success.


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